Tapping into the Power Within: The Inner Game of Launch Success

June 25, 2023

If you want to have huge launch success then you need to learn how to master your launches from within first – here’s our top insights on the inner game of launches.


I'm the founder of Love To Launch and launch director, CMO and team-trainer to the biggest names in the online world. I have two grown up children (proud teen Mum), a luxury travel addict, foodie and latte lover.


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In our launch manager training company ACLP we say “You can't out-strategise a weak team” and the same applies to individuals – “you can't out-strategise a weak inner game”.

In this blog you're going to discover how to up level your launch mindset, but these lessons can also be applied to wider business too.

Believe in Your Launch Success

The first rule of any successful launch is belief. You could master every launch strategy in the book, but if you don't genuinely believe that your launch success is possible, it simply won't happen. Self-doubt kills dreams more than any technical glitch can and my gosh we know that's easier said than done, especially when you're learning how to launch.

The fact of launches is that no matter how good you are at launching and no matter how many launch successes you've had, you will face challenges with every single launch.

The problem, especially when you're starting out, is that if you don't believe you're going to have a successful launch then at the first huddle you'll quit! If you believe that you will be successful then it's easier to brush off a challenge as “plot twist” and move on.

Action – Spend time each day visualising yourself at the end of your launch and celebrating your wins – keep that vision at the forefront of your mind every day during your launch.

Detach from the result

So here comes the contradiction… yes you need to visualise your success but you also need to detach from the result.

We pour our heart and soul into our work, it's why we launch in the first place right?. And when there's that much emotion invested, we naturally feel more attached to the result.

If we can detach from the sales result as the outcome and turn it into simply a learning experience, then you stop putting insane pressure on yourself and enjoy it more. The funny thing about that – that fun and light energy is where more launch success comes from.

Action – what would you love to learn more about as a result of your upcoming launch? What are you curious about diving deeper into? What non-monetary results are more important than the sales?

Facing the fear of the unknown

When you're starting out, it's natural to fear the unknown. “Will it work?” you wonder. Then, as you move into your second launch, you might worry that the first one was just a lucky break. As you grow and evolve, each new level of launch success comes with its own unique challenges. But don't let these fears stop you. See them as milestones on your journey to launch mastery.

As an agency when we are in launch mode we stay focused on what we can currently control at that stage – e.g. audience growth, waitlist signups, show up rate for the workshop, engagement in the community.

If we spent all our time worrying about what's coming next, or focused on the result, we wouldn't be focused on =our actual needlemovers.

Action – What should you be focused on right now? Break down your launch into phases, create goals for each stage and don't worry about what's coming next until you're there.

Finally, we're going to dive into the power of Be, Do, Have.

Too many people have this the wrong way round. They say things like “When my launch is a success, then I'll have the confidence to be more vocal on social.” Which is “Have, Do, Be.”

But its actually the other way round that creates success! Be, Do, Have.

I'm going to step into being confident, show up on social and share my offer and then I'll have a successful launch.

Now of course, social is just a small part of the picture – but you have to apply this mindset to the whole of your launch journey.

BE – The power of stepping into success

Start by visualising your launch success. Then, ask yourself, “If I was already successful with this launch, what decisions would I be making about my launch? Where would my focus be? Would I be going all in? Who would I be?”

DO – The bridge between dreaming and doing

Now, think about the next step. If you already knew your launch was going to be a wild success, what would you be DOING right now? What would you be saying, sharing, creating? If you are struggling with this then think of someone else you really admire online and think of what they do to be successful.

HAVE – The sweet taste of success

When you've visualised your success and taken the necessary actions, you'll HAVE the launch success you want. It's as simple as that. Be. Do. Have. That's the mantra of every successful launcher.

Feeling powerful now? We hope so!

In summary, to conquer the game of launches, it's about more than just strategies it's about strengthening your inner game.  Believe in your inevitable success, visualise it clearly but don't solely focus or freak out about the result and keep your eyes on what you can control, not what's coming next.

And the magic mantra to remember? Be, Do, Have. Start by being your successful self, act like it, and then boom, you'll have the success you dreamed of! Now go out there and make it happen.

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