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It all began when they said they "hated" launches

Despite a decade in marketing the early launches of my own marketing courses were stressful and stayed small. When I discovered a new highly profitable way of launching that was easier and more fun, it wasn't long before people started asking me how I did it.

The more people I spoke to, the more I realised too many people were struggling with their own launches - "I hate launching" they would say.

In 2017 Love To Launch was born to share my knowledge and love of launches with others. We've now served hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them to generate millions in sales, and our methodology is used by some of the biggest names in the business world.

laura phillips - founder of love to launch

Love Story

Love To Launch was born in 2017 when our founder, Laura, wanted to help people who were struggling to grow their business using the power of launches. Realising that whilst her own launches were fun and easy, this wasn't the case for everyone, so Laura launched her membership "Launch & Thrive" to help them and her daughter Megan joined the company part-time.

2 years on in 2019, 100 members, and £1m in sales... Laura developed her unique way of launching into the Launch Experience Method® and began to teach it in 4-month coaching program called "Let's Launch Together® (LLT).

Still only a Mum and daughter team, with Megan now in the company full-time, and a handful of freelancers... the LLT program proudly served hundreds of students helping them generating millions in sales.

Now an award-winning team of superstars, Jen, Project manager, and Laura's partner Marc joined as Director of Experience and the team moved into their Solihull HQ in 2021 and continue to serve entrepreneurs at all levels.

Laura has a strong desire to remain a true practitioner in her field so has never stopped private client work - working with some of the biggest names in the online space managing their launches, training their teams and helping them get to the next level.

we're all about:

Joyful and easy business, fun and aligned launches,  "consistency + patience = results", collaboration over competition.


what drives us:

daily rituals:

Overnight success B.S, unsustainable hustle-mode, work before family.

Being world-class, inclusivity, investing in ourselves, customer success first, going above and beyond, fostering equitable company culture.

Great coffee, canal-side walks, short emails, possibility thinking, Haribo Super Mix.

Where it all began...




INVEST in ourselves

The Love To Launch way


We're only interested in building a world-class company round here

We go above and beyond and we don't do it for public applause

Our customers' success always comes before our own pursuit of profit

We're life-long learners and invest in our personal growth

You can sit with us - no matter what your gender, skin colour, creed or background is: we welcome everyone

The values that drive how we do business differently.

Meet the Love To Launch  team

Team work makes
 the dream work

Jen Worthington
 Project Manager

Megan Phillips
Content Creator & Community Coach

Marc Bleasdale
Director of Experience

Laura Phillips
Launch Strategist & Founder

My Favorite Things

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my guilty pleasure

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"Laura's program is so well structured and her team help in every way to lead us towards success. The result: 35+ people into my retreat and I made close to €10,000".

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