Why no one bought your product (Part 2) … and why you need to care more

December 2, 2017

Truth is, no one is ever going to care about your brand more than you do! Making the assumption that they care, without showing YOU care, is a huge factor in the purchasing decisions of your audience. Learn more in this post…


I'm the founder of Love To Launch and launch director, CMO and team-trainer to the biggest names in the online world. I have two grown up children (proud teen Mum), a luxury travel addict, foodie and latte lover.


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In part one of this series I talked about “The Big 4” benefits you need to sell, in order to powerfully persuade your customers they need your online product or service.


The 2nd reason and the brutal truth behind why people aren’t buying, is that no one cares

Well, not quite as much as you anyway.

No doubt you eat, live and breathe your business and it probably takes up 98% of your thoughts throughout the day, but no one cares about your brand like you do.

It’s hard to consciously acknowledge that difference when you’re so close to your own brand, let alone strategically plan for that when you’re new to product launches.

You learn this lesson the hard way when you realise that a couple of social media posts to a sales page probably won’t sell your course 😉

So if your customers don’t care as much about your brand, products or services and your “killer offers” as much as you do – how do you build that passion? 

Focus on what you can give and not what you can get.

“Kinda difficult when you’re trying to sell your course / products, Laura!” I hear you exclaim!


If you approach building your business from “How much can I improve the lives of my audience?” in advance of any purchase decision, you create a conscious desire to add value instead of going for the sell.


And ultimately that’s how you’re going to win. It’s why my recent challenge launch generated £18070 / $23705 in sales in just a few days. There was no strategy to sell from the outset – it was all about creating a thought-provoking learning experience for my audience.


So how do you add TRUE value?

It is not about pretending to be useful and customer-centric, whilst promoting yourself and your products.

 Its about true, authentic, life-improving, value. Giving way more than you think you ever could and out-caring every other company in your niche.

And then when you think you've given enough, you give some more value, and you keep giving value. Without any expectation of getting ANYTHING in return.

Your products will fly off the shelves when you shift your focus from sales to value and become obsessed about how you improve the lives of your customer.


Make the obsession of giving value at the very core of what you do within your business and you'll win.


If, at the very least, you give yourself a few extra weeks before the launch of a online product or service to build engagement, show your customers value (through splintering your product into high quality freebies) and demonstrate why they should trust you – then you’ll be far more likely to get the sales you deserve.

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