What launch type is right for your online product?

July 7, 2018

There’s many launch types… but I’ve broken it down to the 3 BEST launch types for your online product.


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A launch, to avoid confusion, is an event or campaign used to promote a product.

It could be anything – webinar, video series, social media campaign, an email series.

We use launch events to sell digital products as people love events! When you create an event to sell your product, you also create an environment where people are far more likely to buy from you.

My approach is all about turing my launch into an experience for people.

This is done by showing your audience huge amounts of value and focusing your efforts on creating an experience. So your audience cannot wait to buy from you.

Before we dive into the best kind of product launch, I'm going to share three core elements that create an environment where people want to buy from you.


3 core elements that create an environment where people want to buy from you

– Urgency

If something is available to you all the time, you aren’t in a rush to purchase it.

By creating urgency on your product, like a certain amount of time left to buy it, more people will be likely to purchase your product for the chance of gaining something limited.


– Scarcity

When there is a limited amount of something, people rush to buy it before it sells out.


– Delivering Value

If you deliver value throughout launch, people will still buy from you, even if you make mistakes.


Don’t be spammy or insincere when it comes to creating scarcity and urgency.

I don’t believe in creating false scarcity or urgency as it does not line with my values of honesty.

There are ways to create genuine urgency and genuine scarcity.

For example, to create urgency, you could create a 12 week course and position it with live coaching only available during the course length.

To create scarcity, you could make an offer where the first 5 buyers get special bonuses.

I strongly advise you to show huge value in advance of the sale. This can create an environment of connection where your audience is excited to buy your newest product.

By delivering experience to your audience you create relationships and connections. If you go for sales all the time, you will often damage relationships you have built with your audience.

Moving forward, here are the best type of product launches!


My top three launches to selling digital products…


1. Challenge Launch


A challenge launch is about creating an experience for your audience by hosting a series of tasks that people take part in, usually delivered over a few days but I have seen them last up to a month.

In this launch, you can showcase your own skills, expertise and deliver huge value to your audience.

By setting these tasks, you give your audience some wins related to what it is your product will help them with. You also showcase your knowledge in that area and create an environment where you can show them just how epic you are!

What I love most about the challenge launch is that it can be hosted simply in a Facebook group. Daily tasks can be delivered via a post and you can pitch your product on a video in the group.

If your new to launches, this type is great for you.

You will be able to identify the areas where people aren’t connecting with your message and be able to FIX IT by pivoting the next challenge, or adding some bonus material to help your audience get more from the lesson.

For example, if you go too complex and people aren’t taking part – you can throw in a live stream to go deeper on the lesson.

The transition pitch is also very easy, all that needs to be said is, “If you got a lot of value from the challenge, then I’d love to tell you a bit more about how you can take things to the next level”.

Then tell them how passionate you are about helping them further, and the benefits of buying from you.


2. Webinar launch


Next, is a webinar launch. Webinars are great, because it gives an epic learning experience for your audience.

You may think webinars are overdone, but when they’re done well – they convert like CRAZY.

I’ve had a recent webinar series where on average 35% of people bought which is HUGE.

The reason I love webinars is because they are fairly quick to set up.

It will take you time to create a presentation to share BUT there’s so many templates out there to help you do this!

For me, a webinar launch is a step up in effort from a challenge launch, but they can also be a huge leap in results.

Many of the top marketers in the world have used webinars to build monstrous businesses.

But admittedly getting people to show up to webinars is a challenge – so focus on the EXPERIENCE with the webinar. What’s the big reason for them to sign up and to show up?

I know you might think that giving away your knowledge for free is enough, but you are asking here for your audience’s time and that’s just a big a currency as money!

If you want more people to show up, think about a multi-track campaign you can set up to get them to show up.

Use emails, Facebook ads and messenger bots together to get your audience to be there live – because you have far more chance of converting when they show up live.

Webinars are definitely a tougher  than challenges because you have a shorter amount of time to connect with your audience, but that’s also this particular launch style’s biggest benefit – you can simply do another webinar in a very short space of time, and continue optimising.

This is a launch event that everyone should learn.


3. Video series  


And finally, but by no means least, a video series!

This is the one that takes the biggest amount of time and effort, but this is also the launch type that has helped me to generate the largest revenues for my business.

A video launch is a series of videos that showcase your expertise, with the final video pitching your offer.

Usually they’re a 3-4 part series, but it can be more.

The reason they work so well, is because you they allow you to thoughtfully create a journey for your audience.

The videos really allow you to showcase your skills, and build an amazing connection with your potential customers.

Video sells because people love stories, and there is no better way to tell a story than with a video.

I would definitely recommend trying this launch event type last because you can test out your ideas with a challenge or webinar, before investing your time into creating video content – which can be really time consuming!

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