How to have a powerful voice even if you’re an introvert

December 28, 2017

If you want to stand out online, attract your dream customers and not worry about the competition anymore – you need to create your own voice in business. Here’s how…


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Standing out online can be a really scary thing, especially when you are first starting out in business. But if you want to build an incredible business and sell tons of products then you are going to have to tell people how amazing you really are. No one is going to do that for you. At least not until your raving fans do the selling for you.

So, how do you create a powerful voice to speak about your brand online and build relationships with potential customers?


What is a business voice?

Your voice in business is everything you say and share that encompasses your message, your values and your personality. This will help you to attract your ideal customers and repel the ones you don’t want.

The only thing that is truly unique about your business is you, so your voice will differentiate you from other businesses.

Customers will choose the business that they connect with most, not the ones with the flashiest marketing. It’s important to be authentic even if you’re really quirky because then you’ll attract the right customers.

Introverts can often struggle with finding there voice, but it can be overcome because it’s not about how loud you speak but what you say and how you say it, in your own unique way.


Are your fears really justified?

When you start creating content online, you can easily be scared of judgement and failure but you have to overcome those fears if you want to become more visible.

There’s definitely nothing worse than getting a negative comment on a live stream, video or blog. But here’s a secret – you actually want people to dislike you, because at the opposite end of that scale are people who love you.

Your unique voice will naturally attract raving fans and haters, you don’t want to be vanilla.

I promise you it gets easier over time, everyone struggles with these fears at some point.


How can you use your own unique voice?

We all get nervous about putting content out there, it's easier if you choose the right medium for you.

Just because videos are popular it doesn’t mean you should create them if the thought of getting on camera petrifies you.

There are other options out there, such as blogging, infographics, memes, guides, ebooks, interviews and podcasts.

Choose the one that best fits your current skill set, your business and your personality. Don't get stuck in a rut with one type of content. You need to get brave, try new things and build up your confidence.

That will give you the power to educate, empower and entertain your audience.

In an upcoming blog, I am going to talk about value and visibility, and how, when combined with your unique voice, you can truly stand out online.

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