Part 6 – What’s the Best Way Forward?

We’ve made it to the final part of the 2024 Launch Success series.

I know we’ve covered a lot, so we’re dialling it back a little bit for this one.

In Part 6 we’re going to wrap up everything we’ve covered so far, along with offering some advice on how you can take this forward.

We appreciate that not everyone is in the same situation, so we want to make sure you’re focusing on what matters to you so that you can implement the stuff that makes the most sense.

Strategies Working in 2024

With that said, let’s roll right into this one with a wrap-up of the 5 strategies we’ve covered to this point….


Strategy #1: Paid Launches

It’s a launch style that we’re using more and more.

As people become more “switched off” to launch events and the attention in them dwindles, attendance and conversion numbers have dropped too.

A way to fix this problem is to only bring in people who have skin in the game.

We do this by putting a low-ticket price tag on the event so they’re financially (and emotionally) invested.

The price doesn’t have to be huge – anything between $17-$47 is fine – but it’s enough to change their relationship with the event and take it more seriously.

You must justify the price, which you’ll do with extra resources and support, but the upside is HIGH conversion rates compared to typical free launches.

This can work for big and small audiences alike. If your audience is on the smaller side, don’t be afraid to get resourceful and personally contact people you feel would benefit from attending.

And as a little tip, consider giving back the cost of entry on their next purchase. They’ll thank you for it!


Strategy #2 – The “Soft” VIP Sell

This strategy is ultimately a hybrid of a free and paid launch.

We invite people into a free event like usual, and on the thank you page you offer them a chance to upgrade to the VIP package and join the more exclusive group.

What your VIP package looks like is up to you, but consider including things like extra resources, coaching calls (group or 1:1), Q&A calls or hot seat sessions.

The upside of this launch style is that you can still leverage the list-building benefits of a free launch, while bringing together hot leads in the form of your VIP group.


Strategy #3 – “Stacking” Launch Events

Not everyone learns in the same way, and many attendees will have a preference on the type of content they want to consume too.

Some will like short, snappy experiences like a 3-day challenge, others will like more intense workshops that go deeper on a particular subject.

What you can do is stack two events back-to-back to cater to more people’s preferences, creating a better chance of keeping them engaged.

You could stack them like this…

Try not to overthink it.

Do what feels good to you and what you feel your audience would most enjoy. It’s better to do something you WANT to do as opposed to something that might work better but you don’t enjoy.

Promote the first event of your launch as the “main thing”, then once that’s kicked off, begin promoting the second event.

You can also promote it outside of the launch too. Consider putting it in front of other warm audiences you have access to.

Remember that this is about creating an experience that caters to more people, not just creating hours and hours of extra content to consume.


Strategy #4 – The Sales Event Schedule!

Marketers spend so much time focusing on delivering a great launch experience that the sales part (open-cart) becomes an afterthought.

Put together a proper Sales Event Schedule with a variety of events specifically designed to turn attendees into buyers.

Through a combination of a sneak peek, group sales calls and 1:1 calls, you can create a schedule that gives you more opportunities to show how amazing it is to work with you while tackling the big objections your attendees have.

Turn up to these events with confidence and pride in your product and don’t be afraid to address the elephant in the room by saying you’re there to talk about what it’s like working with you.

That transparency and integrity will shine through, building trust with your attendees.

And once again, you can invite people outside of the launch into these events. Some of these people are waiting to buy from you!


Strategy #5 – The Sneak Peek

The Sneak Peek is a perfect opportunity to cast a vision that demonstrates the huge value they’re going to get and the transformation they can expect if they do the work.

Walk them through different parts of the product, talking about what they’re going to learn and how that’s going to help them.

Basically, what you’re saying here is…

“Here’s exactly how this product is going to help you succeed”

Everything you’re showing them will demonstrate what it does for them (the result) not simply how it works or where stuff is.

As you’re walking through your modules, you can also use specific case studies from previous customers to show how individual modules helped them.

And one last time, don’t be afraid to follow up with people who attend this session!

They’ll be people who have good intentions, and some contact from you in the DMs or on a call will be the thing that gets them over the line.


Next Steps

So those are the key strategies we see working right now and the things we highly recommend you try.

But what exactly should YOU implement?

Truthfully there’s no right or wrong answer here, within reason…

(Doing none of it is a wrong answer 😂)

You need to weigh up your product, niche and business resources.

If you’re selling a high-ticket product and you can get a lot of people into a launch, then I would say to pick one of the paid strategies and put together a really strong sales event schedule to maximise conversions.

If on the other hand you have a $19 per month membership, then the above could be overkill for your needs.

Instead, you could run with something simpler that’s free and has fewer components.

Really the question comes down to how much time and effort you want to put into something like this based on your offer and the resources you have.

That’s definitely NOT an excuse to be lazy here, merely to be smart based on what you can realistically make work.

Ultimately what we want you to take from this is the inspiration to try different things.

We have seen these things working well, and we’re sure that if you implement them in a way that feels good to you, you will too.

How Can I Shortcut This?

It’s funny you should ask because we have something to share with you real soon that will help do exactly that.

I won’t spill the beans quite yet, but if time and creative thinking are at a premium for you, you’ll want to see what’s coming.

For now, we’ll close this last part out here.

But stay tuned, we’ve got something very exciting coming that can help you put together world-class launches with FAR less effort.

I can’t wait to share it with you!

Talk soon.

Laura x

Launch Success Series