Mindset “Must-haves” for launch success

August 14, 2018

Planning on launching? Read this blog on the Mindset you need to BE the success you want…


I'm the founder of Love To Launch and launch director, CMO and team-trainer to the biggest names in the online world. I have two grown up children (proud teen Mum), a luxury travel addict, foodie and latte lover.


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One of my favourite quotes in business is “You don't get what you want, you get who you are” – which I heard from the late Dr Wayne Dyer. What he means, and what I believe is crucial to launch success, is that to get what you want you have to focus on who you are as a person first.

You need to create the inner success to have that outer success.

When I talk about this with other people, I'm often asked what do I believe to be the most important inner work you need to do to have successful launches and I believe that it comes down to 5 essential behaviours.


1) Everything is a lesson to be learned

You can never be sure if anything in marketing is guaranteed to succeed.

But a simple switch from ‘I have to get this right first time’ to ‘I’m going to learn so much from this’ is the way to guarantee a win every single time.

I remember the first time I launched publicly outside of my private community, I was so scared of failing. So, I told myself that if the worst thing that happens is I learn how to plan a launch and I learn how NOT to have a successful launch, that is still a win.

If the launch didn’t go as well as I had hoped, I told myself that I’ll change things up next time.

Now there was no need to worry in that case as that launch generated £25749 (which is about $33,000). But I didn’t put myself under pressure to get those sales – but just to learn.

If you apply that mindset to everything you do in marketing, you’ll never fail.


2) Learn to LOVE launching imperfectly

This strategy has worked brilliantly for me. I teach all my students NOT to launch a perfect polished product.

The first time I launched a 12 week course, I had thought that my life was about to get easier.

I had spent months working on my content and perfecting my videos until they looked amazing.

I invested so much time and energy into this course and I couldn't wait to welcome my students into it.

When I launched, I had completely different students on board from what I had expected.

So, I spent the next 5 weeks having to change my content, re-record videos and giving extra bonuses so that my promise of my product was kept.

It was the most stressful product launch I ever had to that point. However, it taught me the most important lesson about product content creation : don't launch a finished product and be confident about launching beta.

If you let your customers know your first digital product is a beta, they’ll not only be completely ok with changes you make during the course, but because they are expecting these changes, it gets them excited!

Learning to let go of my perfectionism is the reason why I have had success with products so quickly – but more importantly, I saved time and energy on not perfecting products that just aren’t necessary

The quicker you can learn to let go of your perfectionism, the quicker you’re going to have a winning product.


3) Don't dilute yourself to avoid haters

I’m sure you can think of at least one person who, although they are extremely popular, you can’t stand.

This is the kind of reaction you want to create when it comes to your own audience.

This doesn’t mean you should purposefully go out and wind up people just so that you can be controversial. It means by unapologetically being you and sharing your values and messages with the world.

I see a lot of people online who are vanilla with their content – vanilla meaning boring and plain!

When I first launched my business, I was so scared of being judged that I didn't even have my business as me. I hid behind an awful business name and pretended I was a team of people.

And what happened was that because I wasn’t being me, I wasn’t winning the the kind of people I wanted to work with.

I learned I had to be me.. And it takes up too much effort trying to be someone your not.

When I started being “me” in business, and sharing my values, things changed in a big way.

Some people didn’t like what I had to say, but those that did, have become such an important part in my community. I have learned to embrace the haters because on the flipside are superfans and I don't have days now

When you're working in THAT energy every day – everything just flows. There's less indecision and burnout and you'll attract the right people into your business.


4) Don’t try and be all the things to all people

If you try to be all things to all people with your business and your pdrocyts, your going to end up attracting less than ideal people.

Having started my career as a print designer, then moving into web and ecommerce development before I had even moved into digital agency management – it would be fair to say i have a very broad skill set.

While this can help you launch a business and get it started, this becomes hugely problematic in business when it comes to your message and products.

This was the single thing that held me back the most when I first moved into digital products. I had created products across the whole digital marketing spectrum – WordPress websites, Facebook ads, email marketing, sales funnel strategy.

It was exhausting as I was constantly being pulled in different directions.

I realised it was a huge drain on my time and energy, but I was afraid that niching down to one subject would result in me losing people along the way.

And yes, I did lose people. But I gained bigger and better launches, more energy, more time, more recognition in my industry and more referrals.

If I could go back, I would have niched own to one product subject far quicker! You can always expand later and add in new products, but don't put yourself in the same exhausting position that I was in.

Don’t be afraid to niche down!

People are now looking for very specific products. Internet and social media have created even more niched markets. Focus on those smaller niches and you’ll win a whole lot faster.


5) Push through the fears

I felt a lot of fears around the time in my business when I created my first launch. Despite having had some success with products already – I was absolutely convinced that no one was going to buy.

I remember a conversation I had with my mentor and i told him how scared I was. Something he said stuck with my during every single launch from that day onwards.

He said, “Laura, I feel like that every time I launch.”

I was shocked. He’d had multiple 7 figure launches. So I thought to myself, if the fears don’t go away even at that level, then I might as well accept this is how I’m going to feel every single time I launch a product and move forward anyway.

I did exactly that and I crushed that launch.

The same fears came back in the next launch, and the next, and they come back every single time.

You'll start to learn it’s part of the process of pushing forward. It's also part of the process of scaling your launches as you’ll naturally do bigger and scarier things in business.

Otherwise you're simply not moving forward!

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