4 Tips for Finding the Right Social Media

April 23, 2021

Social media is bigger than ever… and the best time to start using it if you haven’t already is NOW. Follow along for our 4 tips to finding the right social media for you…


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Social media can be a tricky thing to navigate. We feel your pain. You're getting started and you want to use social media for your business, but where do you start? There are so many different platforms out there that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one is best for you and your business needs. That's why we created this blog post on how to find the right social media for you! Social media is truly a game changer in today's world, we can't wait for you to see just how amazing it can be….

Before we dive into these juicy tips… we want to emphasise something to you. You do NOT need to be on every single platform out there. It is much better to focus on ONE or two platforms. Don't spread yourself thin, show up with your absolute best energy into your few platforms and build amazing relationships!


What content your target audience actually wants to consume and engage with?

Think about your dream client, their hopes, dreams, struggles and interests. What content would interest that person? For example: if you are a Parenting Coach, you are trying to reach and engage with parents. Parents are very busy and will likely prefer to consume quick and easy content. This could be short videos, graphics, or photos. A parent may not have the time to read a long piece of text, no matter how gripping or well written it is.


Find out where your audience are hanging out.

After you have figured out what type of content your audience would be interested in, it's time to research where your audience actually are. Using the example above: Parents are very busy and want to consume quick and easy content, which they will most likely find on Facebook or Instagram. They will not be hanging out on sites for professionals like Linkdn. So, it would be a good idea to create social media accounts on those platforms.


What are you goals for being on social media?

There are many benefits to businesses having a social media profile including:

  • More Reach / Visibility
  • Increased traffic to Freebies / Websites / Launch Experiences®
  • Scaling your sales by nurturing followers into clients & customers
  • Building relationships with fellow entrepreneurs in your niche

Use the platforms from Tip #2 and consider which of these can fulfil your goals.


What feels good to you?

Each person is different and has their own preferences when it comes to connecting. Tips #1, #2 & #3 will help make your experience on social media better, but ultimately it is a decision of what's best for YOU. You may really dislike Facebook or other networking sites, which is perfectly okay! Instagram might be a place where you feel at ease – with all the icky feelings about social networks finally gone away! When you are feeling good about the platform you are on, you can show up with your best energy.

You have got this! The word is so ready for you to get onto social media… we are so excited for you!

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