Launch Management

Hire our expert launch team to knock your next launch out the park. We’re a full service launch agency meaning we cover everything from design, copy, paid traffic and launch strategy to project management, partner programs, web development and more! Our team manages launches for the biggest names in the online space generating millions in sales along the way.

Launches are harder, they take more effort to convert and many in-house teams are struggling with the changes because they only have experience working on your launches.

As a team delivering launches for the world’s best leaders across many different niches, we’re not only obsessed with launches… we’re seeing the shifts happen in real time. And we’re solving some of the biggest challenges launch-powered business are facing.

Launches have evolved. It’s no longer enough to just throw money at ads and pray they’ll bring in sales - you have to constantly evolve.


real talk:

Our approach with building audiences is across multi-channels. Whether it's developing your organic social media strategy, building out a strategic partner program or a cross-platform paid traffic campaign - we find the right lead generation strategy for your launch and audience type, and execute it to create a ready-to-buy audience.

Multi-Channel Lead Gen

There’s never been more saturation online so you have to do more to stand out, build trust and attract the right people. We don’t believe in any one launch type that works best, we craft the event around what works best for your unique brand and demographic - whether it’s a single masterclass, a one-day event or a week-long bootcamp!

High Converting Launch Events

The Love To Launch way

"My team and I loved working with Laura and are looking forward to another 7+ figure launch with her."

"Laura is an absolute professional when it comes to launches and launch management. Everyone should jump at the opportunity to learn from her how to launch and how to become a professional launch manager. I give her my highest recommendations.

Laura was our launch manager in our latest 7 figure launch. I had been preparing for another 7 figure launch when I had a serious family emergency that took me away from my business for 2 months and at the same time I lost my whole marketing team. Laura came to rescue at the last minute and with her unbelievable support and professionalism, my team and I achieved another 7 figure launch."


Launch Strategy Director

Project & Account Manager

Your launch dream team

Our in-house team consists of…

Partner Program Manager

Brand Designer 

Conversion Copywriter

Paid Traffic Specialist

Launch Assistant

Web Developer

Creative & High-Converting Launch Strategy

Launch Management Services

Organic & Paid Audience Growth



We’ve got you covered

Partner Program Development


Conversion Copy & Email Strategy


Design & Sales Page Strategy


Launch Event & Project Management


Conversion & Sales Team Strategy


"Thanks to Laura's guidance we had our best launch ever."

"I used to hate launches before I met Laura. Not only did we have our best launch ever, not only did we feel so pumped and excited delivering the launch, but we were unbelievably amazed at the results.

What Laura did was empower me and my team to do this again and again. I’m here today having had our best launch ever under Laura’s guidance and I can finally say “I love to launch”. I cannot believe that Laura took me from a girl who never liked to launch, to someone who loves to launch."



We're            for you if

You’re an established business who doesn’t need a full-time launch team.

You want to scale your launches without the stress.

Even though you have great results you feel like you’ve been winging it.

You’re ready to let go and let an expert launch team to take the reigns.

You’re launching a few times a year and want a long-term partnership.

You have a product you’re proud of - we don’t do business with people who don’t walk their talk!

Not everyone is the right fit for us and equally we’re not right for everyone either, but one thing is for sure… we’re not slimy sales people so you won’t be sold to on our first call. Tell us more about you and what you’re looking for and if we’re a great fit, we’ll meet for a virtual coffee.

We can’t guarantee we won’t totally geek out over launches on the call… but I guess that’s why you like us in the first place right?! 


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"I can't recommend Laura enough."


“What Laura teaches is based around proven principles. She has a beautiful way of blending the art and science of launches, and in finding the right launch style for you."