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More sales, more freedom, more control, more ease, more time creating the impact you dream of.

You've got so many reasons to do it, and yet - launches can sometimes feel like an insurmountable challenge.

Being a launch marketer is a whole profession in itself, on top of the one you've been working so hard to become known for.

And yet it's a skill that is essential for the growth of your business.

Launch and Thrive was founded to help you learn all of the skills needed for scaling your launches, as well as give you support that will keep you on track.

It's time for your next level

We're all about helping you get to the next level with your launches

We’re taught “Hard work = Success” (school, career, business). As a teenage Mum of 2 who became a single Mum, I built the belief that if I just worked hard then I'd be successful.

As an entrepreneur I quickly hit burnout building my marketing agency and rock-bottom with my health. I'd been hustling too hard for success and vowed to change my life.

Seeing the opportunities in the e-learning space I began turning my knowledge into courses and selling them using launches. To begin with my launches were stressful, chaotic and small – but a few accidental launches taught me a way that worked better and was so fun.

I’ve now taught my launch methodology and business strategies to thousands all over the world, from complete newbies to some of the biggest names in the online world and took launch-fails to wild successes.

I've gone from dreaming of creating impact in the world, to making millions in sales for my clients and helping them to transform their own lives and those around them.

The "hustle" mentality crippled me with health issues...

Launches helped me create joy & ease, and they can for you too.

Laura x

MEET our founder & your COACH LAURA...

From teenage single Mum of 2... a joyful and thriving entrepreneur 

...launches changed everything for me.


Launch and Thrive is a marketing and business growth club for course creators, coaches and membership site owners who are ready to scale with more ease and joy using the power of launches.

If a completely hands-off program could help you launch with incredible results, we'd have it running on auto-pilot whilst we sat on a beach! But what we know about launch success is that you need coaching, support and hand-holding.

Every month you have access to a selection of calls including coaching, co-working and accountability sessions. You also get live support and a growing library of training.

Not to mention you’ll have the whole Love To Launch team on your side - Laura, Jen, Sarah, Tanya, Megan and Marc.

Business can be lonely, but you don't have to walk the path alone.

It's a coaching-led membership

coaching is the heart of our company

We're like your very own launch team

How Launch and Thrive works

monthly membership
/ no contracts

You get personal support when you need it to help you as you grow




Follow a proven roadmap

We all yearn for more clarity on where we are headed and how to get there. This is why we offer planning events as part of the membership. This is your time to reflect on the past quarter, review what worked and what didn’t and map out your next 90 days for momentum like you’ve never had before.

planning events

Join Love To Launch founder, Laura Phillips for a regular hotseat session where she'll help get you unstuck on your business challenges. Launch and Thrive goes beyond the launch and into wider business strategy and growth. This is the perfect opportunity to focus solely on what's challenging you and walk away with with an action plan to get back on track.

Monthly hotseat session

Join Laura again as she pours her heart and soul into a live group coaching session each month for members like you that want to make huge progress in business. No fluff, no B.S just 100% raw advice that will help you get unstuck and move forwards. It doesn't matter what stage of launching you’re at; Laura will make sure everyone gets something juicy from this session. Make it a great question and bring it along! We do a minimum of 1 call per month (often two).

group coaching calls

Not only are you going to be embarking on this journey with the whole Love To Launch team by your side, you’re going to be on it with an amazing friendly community of people who cheer you on and support you through the challenges. We have a private community for the program so you can easily connect with other students in the program.

Student Community

Our launch swipes library is full of swipes, assets and templates to help you clear the creative blocks and speed up the time it takes to create content for your launch. We've done all the research for you and tested them in our own launches - just swipe, edit, and share! Everything from emails, social media posts, advert copy, landing pages and launch event scripts will be provided so you can shortcut your own success.

Launch swipes & templates

Prepare for your next launch or marketing campaign with more ease and joy! From creating and launching your offer, to training your launch assistant to managing your launch project - we’ll provide you with all the skills that will get you there (and more). Perhaps most importantly of all, our library is yours—to watch again and again and learn at your own pace.

Launch plans & video training

Although we teach you everything you need in the program there is nothing quite like getting expert eyes on your copy, ad strategies and fixing tech for your launch! Throughout the year we host a number of clinics to help you get additional support on the more technical aspects of launching.

Copy, ad & tech clinics

With a busy life and business, it can be hard to stay accountable and productive unless you’ve got the right support. That's where we come in! With our community accountability and co-working sessions, we keep each other on track, cultivate our creativity for better ideas, provide feedback so we learn from mistakes and successes and create an environment where you #dothework

Co-working / accountability calls

Master your marketing, up level your launches and grow your business with our training courses. You will be inspired and encouraged to learn all the skills you need across social media, email marketing, project management, team growth, launches and more.

New training each month

You may have assumed that all our trainings are over by the time you've wrapped up a busy day's work. Think again, my friend—we go the extra mile to make sure they're recorded so even busy business owners can enjoy the live sessions whenever it suits them best and we upload them all into the hub for easy access.

Training Recordings

£97 - monthly

Planning workshops

Monthly group coaching calls and regular hot seats

Launch plans and video training


£970 - annual


1 payment of £970

Upgrade to annual & save

Cancel any time, no contracts

Extras when you go all in with us!


Co-working & accountability calls

New trainings each month

Private members community

Private onboarding call

12 months membership for the price of 10

Next Level Launch Assistant 4 hour training course (value £497) - yours free

"I used to hate launches before I met Laura. Not only did we have our best launch ever, not only did we feel so pumped and excited delivering the launch, but we were unbelievably amazed at the results. What Laura did was empower me and my team to do this again and again – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Laura for this. I can’t wait to launch again


"  Thanks to Laura's guidance we had our best launch ever"

Laura helped bring ease to my business and helped me realise a dream. I still need to pinch myself that I've created a 6-figure business with 505 members.

I've been given financial stability for me and my family, and got my time back. I'm also able to make more of an impact on my own community of people.

All I had to do was borrow Laura's belief in me for a little while, and now I have the strategy and confidence to launch over and over again.

Maggie Dmochowski - Adelaide Bakes, Australia.




Within just 12 weeks I followed Laura’s launch plan to sell a course and made $7,000 in sales. I thought only 3 people would sign up, I wasn’t expecting 15! I spent nothing on ads and I didn’t create the product in advance! Laura has given me everything I needed to make that happen. I’m so excited to relaunch my course and running my first in-person workshops this year – people are asking for more and more!…

Working with Laura keeps me sane, and more importantly gives me the guts to just go for it! Laura’s attentiveness is amazing and it doesn’t feel like we are all in different time zones and we all feel so connected.

Yasmine Cheyenne, Self-healing expert, teacher and speaker. Washington DC, USA.


couldn't beliEve THE SPEED OF HER results


Before, my launches were disorganised, chaotic and somehow never-ending. In Let's Launch Together®, there were little bite size steps, everything was broken down and lots of support and encouragement made it impossible not to implement – even if it's imperfectly. 

In my last launch, I had over 600 people join and 58 new members. Best of all, my members are getting such fantastic results in the membership! I have learned a way to launch which not only brings in fantastic results for my business, but feels completely in line with my values too. Lifechanging! 

Tash Minchella - Legal membership for coaches, UK.




When I “did the work,” in the way Laura teaches... success followed! My last launch brought in 85 founding members - an idea that Laura and I brainstormed in just 15 minutes. This blew me away and I thank Laura for encouraging me to go for it. Before I struggled to think of myself as an entrepreneur or business person. Now I feel that I can embrace sharing my work and enjoy marketing my offerings. 

Elizabeth Brass - Yoga instructor. Berlin, Germany.


first membership launch brought in 85 members



Our community are incredible

"I've gone from wanting to quit my business to £85k and then £96k in my last two launches!"

I’ve had so much clarity on how to move forward and it's great to be able to take a step back too, and just breathe. I now feel more in control and have a true sense of potential, I get excited about marketing! I love being part of a group of intelligent business owners where I get high-quality advice and feeling part of a community. 


"I now have 50 people in my membership! Your life will be changed. Mine has.”

Before, I had a failed launch. I got a big fat ZERO. Then, I learnt to look at the conversions rather than the number of people. Laura will meet you where you're at, and support you heading to your dreams. It's 100% worth leaping in, getting engaged, and sharing vulnerably where you're at. No need to look good or be perfect. Just be you! And allow her to guide you to your greatness.



"Laura has gently challenged the limiting belief I was clinging to."

I’d never really “launched” anything before. The level of detail Laura brings to this key area was the next major thing I needed. Partly the key steps, partly the mindset to step up and grow by business. I almost doubled my ‘best’ target of new members within 18 minutes and had to close the join link early and Laura helped me add an extra 20% to my launch with just one idea.


doubled her 'best' target

"I had a 10% conversion on beta launch of my program. Then I got the confidence to create a membership which brings £4K/mth."

I had never done a launch before, I was way too scared that I was gonna have to put myself up there and possibly fail in front of everyone. But now, I get to be me and build a business of BFFs that buy from me. I have freedom, my zone of genius and my membership is a great funnel for private coaching clients.



“My business has exploded on all fronts after working with Laura – she's been there every step of the way!”

Working with Laura has been a complete game-changer for me. Equipped with her training my business has exploded on all fronts. Not only do I know where I'm going, I know how to get there. Laura is with me every step of the way. Additionally she has a stellar staff & community of passionate, kind motivated entrepreneurs to inspire & share my journey!


is growing and inspired

"I had a 7.5 % conversion rate and I was incredibly pleased with that!"

I had no idea how many things I could do to start preparing 12 weeks out. Best thing I could have ever done for my business. I am excited to keep building on this! I know each time will be a new level for me. I needed the hand holding and laid out steps to keep me focused and on track. Laura is like having a constant voice of belief and knowledge right alongside each step of launching. 




It's probably        for you if...



It's probably            for you if...

This      for you if

You're committed to long-term success with launches and want to do things the right way.

You are coachable and have an attitude of "I'm going to be brave and push through my fears".

You're someone who wants to create impact and you do the business the right way (no spam, no sleaze!)

You have an attitude of "test, test, test" and you're willing to try new things.

You have a course, program, membership or some kind of scalable offer or packages. The key is being able to make multiple sales at the same time.

You want someone to do all the work for you. You need to hire a launch team if you're not wanting to do it yourself.

You sell physical / one-off products. Although we can help you bundle them into other offers, your offer will be scalable and typically not e-commerce.

You're not cool with a little bit of butt-kicking! We want to see you win and sometimes that's needed.

You're the kind of person who says "yeah but" when being coached. Trust in our process, you'll get results.

You don't have experience and not sure if your offer idea will even work. Test it first before you launch.

Will I thrive in the Growth Club even if I’ve never launched before? 

If you’re thinking about joining us but haven’t launched, Launch & Thrive isn’t right for you just yet. Instead, join Let’s Launch Together (our 16 week coaching program). All of our Thrivers have launched before, and are scaling their launches. Check out how to go from ZERO to Launch in just 16 weeks here:

You've got questions, we got the answers

Do prices include VAT?

Yes our prices are inclusive of VAT – we’ll send you a VAT invoice breakdown afterwards.

What is the membership community like in Launch & Thrive?

Our community is full of really amazing entrepreneurs from many different types of business and varied walks of life. It’s a place where you can get support from the whole Love to Launch team (we’re always hanging out there!) as well as fellow Thrivers. Ask questions, shout about your wins, drop a gif or two to tell us how you’re feeling - it’s your community to make the most of.

How much support will I get?

As part of your membership, you’ll get access to our Facebook Group with your other Thrivers and the Love To Launch team. We are there 9am-5pm UK time Monday through Friday to help you thrive! There will always be a thread to ask questions and the team will be right on it. We also have a support desk where it’s really easy to get help. 

Will I get any 1 to 1 time with Laura?

No, but all members are welcome to book one-off consults with Laura at any time and subject to availability.

I want to scale my launches, is Launch & Thrive the right place for me?

That’s really exciting! Launch & Thrive is great for scaling, but if you’re doing 6 figure + launches already, our Thrive Mastermind could be a better fit for you! Email to find out more. 

How do I keep track of activities each month?

Subscribe to our Launch & Thrive calendar and get all sessions automatically added to your calendar of choice! We also send out an email every Monday to keep you up to date with everything happening in the upcoming week, as well as the rest of the month. You’ll also get on-the-day email reminders for every session too.

I am from outside the UK/EU, will I still be able to make the most of my membership? 

Absolutely! We serve hundreds of customers across 23 different countries all over the world. We’re a global community and are proud of the diversity and inclusivity of our client base. Additionally we offer a variety of different live calls on a monthly basis.

Is there a commitment for me to stay in the membership for a fixed period of time? 

Not at all, you can go month-by-month but our most successful launchers commit for a year and go all in with us.

How do the coaching calls work? And how often do they run?

You will have at least one group session with Laura a month. This could be a coaching call or a hot seat (these are so much fun!). They will be hosted on Zoom. If you can’t come to the live coaching calls, it doesn’t mean you miss out. You can add your question to the page and Laura will answer it during the session. We’ll timestamp the answer for you and you can watch the replay afterwards at your leisure!

Do you offer any scholarships?

Love To Launch are committed to diversity, inclusion and equity. We have invested our time, profits and energy into ensuring our values are weaved into all that we do. We have a small number of scholarship places available on a first come first served basis (30% off our program fees) and encourage our community to apply, particularly those from marginalised communities. Please email to apply stating your reasons for applying. We will consider all applications.


We get it. Big leaps bring up questions!

If you're not sure and want to ask any questions, the team are on hand to help. If it's not, we'll be able to advise you on your next steps from here.

Still on the fence?