Part 5 – Busting Buyer Scepticism

Have you ever felt sceptical about an offer?

Or worse, you’ve bought a product and went on to experience buyer’s remorse?

If you’ve been around the online block for a while, I’m sure you have.

This isn’t that uncommon.


Because there’s one glaring problem with too many product creators and digital marketers.


They’re amazing at SELLING products, but not so good at MAKING them.


Whether it’s because they’re not sure how, or they simply don’t care and just want to make money, the product they’re selling doesn’t live up to the promises their marketing is making.

Whatever the reason though, the result is the same. Buyer’s remorse, leading to future scepticism of other’s products.

So even though you KNOW your product is amazing and you’re telling people that, this increasing level of distrust means that isn’t enough for some people.

And as is the theme of this whole series, we have to do things differently now to tackle this challenge.

One really great way to combat this is with…

The Sneak Peek

This is about giving people a peek behind the curtain to see what your product is like and how it’s going to work.

And when done right, you’ll have them looking like…



But seriously, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this, so let’s dive into it.

Cast a Vision

This is not about walking people through your platform, showing them what they get and where everything is.

Yes, you’ll highlight how people can get started, but it’s about much more than that.

This is your opportunity to cast a vision that demonstrates the huge value they’re going to get and the transformation they can expect if they do the work.

Walk them through different parts of the product, talking about what they’re going to learn and how that’s going to help them.

Talk about the early wins they can expect. And the later ones too.

Show how your product makes things easier for them and how much time and effort it saves.

Basically, what you’re saying here is this…


“Here’s exactly how this product is going to help you succeed!”


Everything you’re showing them will be demonstrating what it does for them (the result) not simply how it works or where stuff is.

By doing this you are going to chip away at their objections and raise the belief that if they just follow this path, they’ll succeed.

And the greater the belief in their chances of success, the more likely they buy.

Highlight Specific Case Studies

A smart way to help bust objections and raise belief is by sharing specific case studies tied to specific parts of your product.

If you’ve built your product correctly, each module (or whatever “stuff” they’re getting) will solve a specific problem.

As you’re running through these pieces in your sneak peek, you could highlight a story of a previous customer who got amazing results by implementing a particular module.


People will buy because of the smaller problems you solve, too!


Remember, while people buy your product based on the BIG problem it solves, the particular problems your modules solve will also be top-of-mind for lots of people.

By sharing real stories of people overcoming the smaller problems your modules solve, you’re naturally ticking off the things they know they need help with in their minds.

Follow up!

The sneak peek session creates yet another opportunity to circle back with people to offer them a chance to work with you.

You could thank them for joining the session and ask them to let you know if they have any questions, and that you’d be happy to help them directly.

You can also offer 1:1 sessions for all the reasons we spoke about in Part 4.

Some people will just want to have a chat and make sure they’re about to make the right decision.

The Takeaways

As always, here’s what you should take from this…

🤔 Scepticism is higher than ever – More and more people have been burned by lofty claims followed by mediocre products, this means the distrust we face as marketers is higher than ever.

👀 Cast a vision with a sneak peek – One effective way to begin breaking down this scepticism is with the sneak peek, which you can use to bust objections and cast a vision of the transformation they can expect as you walk them through your product.

This is NOT about features – Don’t fall into the trap of simply showing them what they get and where stuff is. They don’t care about that, they care about results, so talk about your product in the context of how it helps them.

📖 Use specific case studies – Stories of real people getting amazing results from different parts of your product are going to tick off the things in their minds that they know they need help with.

👋 Follow up! – Don’t be afraid to follow up with people who attended this session, and even consider offering 1:1 calls once again to help get people over the line.

We’re nearly there, Dan!

Just one more part to go in this.

I know we’ve covered a lot, and I know some of you may be feeling overwhelmed by everything we’ve covered and you’re not sure how to move forward.

So along with a nice wrap-up, that’s exactly what we’re going to be tackling in the next part of this series.

What should you be focusing on based on your level, product and niche?

I want to help you get moving on this, so let’s get some focus and direction.

I’ll see you for Part 6!

Laura x

Launch Success Series