Part 4: The Most Important Phase

Would you like to make more sales?


Because that’s what we’re going over in Part 4 of this Launch Success Series.

In the last part we talked about stacking launches, the last high-level launch strategy I wanted to cover that’s working right now.

Stacking launches is a brilliant way to provide value and cater to different personalities and watching styles, giving you more chances to impact them and lead to a sale.

Now we’re shifting focus to a more granular strategy which is going to help you with the most important part of this whole thing.

Making more sales!

And there’s a very good reason why I want to tackle this.

A trap people often fall into is spending the vast majority of their time and energy on delivering a great launch experience.

This is great because it shows they care.

However, by neglecting this vital period of the launch it only means that their results are going to suffer.

Now, before we get to the actual nuts and bolts of it, let’s first cover off something important…


Selling is Serving!


One reason people neglect this part is because it makes them feel uncomfortable, and maybe on some level they’re just hoping that if they blow the bloody doors off with the value they’re delivering, people will buy without really having to sell.

That’s not really how it works, though.

If you KNOW your product is good and it can help people, why wouldn’t you do your best to get more people buying and getting the result.

Rather than thinking…

“They won’t like me if I try to sell”

Instead, think…

“How much better could their situation be if they buy!”

This little reframe can make all the difference in showing up from a place of confidence and integrity as you ask people to take the next step with you.


Your Sales Event Schedule

So, you’re turning up from a place of service and you’re ready to sell.

How exactly would a sales event schedule look during your open-cart period, then?

Well, something like this…


Towards the end of your launch event, you will be doing some kind of pitch for your product.

What most people do after that is simply send out the usual promotional emails that keep you top-of-mind, answer questions and bust objections.

These are great and you should invest time here.

And in this same period you can also run dedicated sales events, which could include things like the following…

A Sneak Peak:

This is a powerful way of demonstrating the value of your product and how it works while casting the vision of how they’re going to achieve the outcome you know they want as they move through it.

(As this is such a great tactic we’ll be covering this in much more detail in the next part. Stay tuned for that!)

Group Sales Call:

Schedule a group call and position it as an opportunity for people to learn what it’s like to work with you.

You could go over what your process is like in more detail, share more case studies and success stories, or open the floor to specific questions about your product.

Whatever it is, use this as another opportunity to help get people past the things stopping them from taking the next step.

Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to address the elephant in the room.

When you open up the call, make it clear that your intention is to help them understand if working with you is the right thing for them.

Openly asking..

“I’m excited to have you here, so as we dive into sharing more about my program, let me know what’s the number one thing stopping you from working with me right now?”

Those answers = objections you can demolish.

Tip #2: Expand the Invitation

Also, consider inviting people outside of your launch into this call.

There will be people who are interested in working with you who won’t be attending your event.

You could even run ads to your warmest audiences if that’s something you’re confident doing.

1:1 Sales Calls:

At the end of your group sales call, for anyone who’s still on the fence, you can offer the chance to hop on a call with you.

These calls are SUPER effective at getting people over the line because a lot of the time they want to jump in and they’re simply looking for someone to ease their fears and give them the confidence to do it.

People on these calls will be your hottest leads, so you don’t need to go in with the hard sell. Just listen to them, answer their questions, and paint a picture of how things could improve in the context of their situation, and that is often enough.

We’ve added six figures in revenue on some launches just from this strategy alone!

The Takeaways

Let’s recap what we’ve covered on making more sales…

⛔ Don’t ignore this phase – Many people get caught in the trap of spending the vast majority of their time and effort on the launch experience that they lose sight of the most important part. Making sales! Put in the time to create a well-thought-out sales schedule and you WILL see better results.

 🫂Selling is serving! – Don’t be scared to sell. If you KNOW your product is good and can really help people, why the hell wouldn’t you want to do all you can to get people inside so that you can deliver the transformation you promise?

🕑 Create a sales event schedule – Looking at your 5-7 day open-cart period, what events could you schedule to create more opportunities to ease your prospect's fears and objections? Sneak peeks, group sales calls and 1:1 sales calls are great options.

💌 Invite people outside of your launch – There will be people in your world who want to buy from you who aren’t in your launch experience. Extend the invitation to people outside of the launch bubble, and even consider ads if you have some warm audiences to retarget.

And that’s that for Part 4!

In Part 5 we’re going to take a deeper look at a powerful tactic that tackles one of the biggest obstacles that marketers face these days.

The question… “Is it really as good as the marketing makes out?”

I’ll see you in Part 5 where we’re going to do some great work to squash this natural scepticism.

See you there!

Laura x

Launch Success Series