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In just 6-months our certification will give you the most in-demand skillset in the online marketing industry.







We’re training the next level of launch pros to make growing and scaling launches easier, faster and more profitable. We’re committed to training with excellence, innovative strategy and creating collaboration within our community of professionals.

Our Mission

Laura Phillips


If you really want to scale your launch-powered business with more ease and joy, you not only need proven launch strategies and predictable, scalable traffic - you need an a-player to drive that forwards.

Entrepreneurs - that isn't you ideally!

We exist because even the very best launch teams we've worked in lack all the skills a 2023 launch manager needs.

We're giving you our proven agency strategies that have generated over £20m in sales from launches - from evergreen launch funnels to live multi-day launch experiences with 150,000 attendees. From low-ticket membership launches to high-ticket offers sold with sales teams.

We've literally seen and done it all in the launch space and we're here to give you everything you need to become a truly next-level launch manager.

Whether you're self-managing your launches, an aspiring LM, or needing start-to-finish training, we're here.

For launch leaders who want to scale, hiring a good launch manager is essential.


Our comprehensive online program takes you or a team member through our entire methodology of building world-class launches.

Most launch manager programs teach project management, whereas our "world's first" combined program covers high-converting launch strategy PLUS launch management itself.

Covering 15 key competencies, the program is a full step-by-step implementation program so you'll actually be launching "as you go" rather than simply learning. 

This is for entrepreneurs managing their own launches right now who want to scale with more ease, and who ideally want to pass the reigns to a launch manager in the future.

It's for existing launch managers who want to up-skill - whether you're a freelance LM or work in-house.

And we train Marketers, Online Business Managers, VA's, Project Managers, Ads Managers and Integrators that want to step into the launch manager role.

If your goal is to start managing launches, or scale your clients’ launch profits in 2024 you're a perfect fit!

It's a complete framework for launch success at scale

Who is the certification for?


Launch experience is a huge advantage, but we have trained launch managers to a 7-figure standard who had NO launch experience!

To thrive as a launch manager you need to be highly organised and able to manage tasks, you have a true love of marketing strategy and love tech and finding new ways of doing things.

You have an understanding that launches are a “season” of busy work and require sometimes a 7-day commitment during key weeks. You have the ability to think creatively, a passion for measuring and interpreting KPIs and finding insights in data.

You have a love of learning and are comfortable getting your hands dirty when needed! You're able to perform well under pressure and always strive to find solutions and keep great energy when facing challenges. You are someone who has a strong desire to keep the leader in their zone of genius.

Anyone can learn to launch (and love it), but the most important attributes of a launch manager are values, mission and culture alignment. We'll take care of the rest!

What level of experience is needed to train with us?

Learning time and implementation will require a 5-6 hour a week commitment per module. Once the trainings are complete, then it is totally up to the launch manager to decide how much time they spend on coaching calls.

The program is 6 months although not 6-months of time commitment. We know you may have a launch during this time - so our 6 month support gives your launch manager the support as they implement what they learn in the program.  

The program is packed full of templates, swipes and resources you can use in your launch - if you're in launch mode this is going to give you BACK time as we'll speed up your implementation rather than give you more to do!

What's the time commitment?




Next Level







We have 2x coaching calls a week (Monday morning & Thursday evening).

✓ 6 months of support

Covering the key competencies of launch strategy, and launch management.


Ready to swipe and deploy straight into your launch, you get to use our tried and tested. systems.

✓ tried & tested systems

Can't join live? Submit a question in our hub and get a timestamped answer back!

✓ All calls recorded

Sales page, offer and ad reviews delivered by myself and our very own launch team. 

✓ tech support sessions

Collaborate with other launch pros and our team. Our community is incredible!

✓ Private Slack workspace

We've included everything

What Laura teaches is based around proven principles. She has a beautiful way of blending the art and science of launches, and in finding the right launch style for you.

"I can't recommend Laura enough."


As well as successfully launching our membership, program and app, Laura became a friend that I could rely upon for honesty and strategic advice.

"Laura added 7-figures to our business."


You will leave the program as a trained launch manager with the confidence, skills and strategies to lead a launch team and manage launches.

What will you gain from the Next Level Launch Manager Program?


You will develop skills in the 15 key competencies of: advanced launch management and strategy, as well as affiliate marketing.

Have systems, processes and strategies for each of the competencies that you can personalise and implement into different types of launches .

You will leave the program as a trained launch manager with the confidence, skills and strategies to lead a team and manage launches.

You will develop skills in the key competencies of: advanced launch management and strategy, as well as high converting launches.

Have systems, processes and strategies that you can personalise and implement into different types of launches with ease.

You will leave the program as a trained launch manager with the confidence, skills and strategies to lead a launch team and manage launches.

You will develop skills in the 15 key competencies of: advanced launch management and strategy, as well as affiliate marketing.

Have systems, processes and strategies for each of the competencies that you can personalise and implement into different types of launches .

Learn all the latest strategies in launches, what’s working right now in launch marketing and use our tried and tested methodologies. 

Be supported as you not only learn, but as you implement in launches - we become your support so you can better support your clients.

Be surrounded by a community of launch managers from all different niches who are on the same journey as you for support and collaboration.

The Launch Systems & Onboarding module provides tried and tested tools to streamline your launch. It simplifies team communication, onboarding, and launch kick-offs. Learn to establish Launch Systems, define Team Roles, and create Foundations. Benefit from training in Launch Master Docs SetUp, creating Launch Folders, and efficient Project Management Tools. Enhance internal and external communications, and monitor your progress with stage-specific KPIs. This module makes achieving launch success both straightforward and manageable.

Systems and Onboarding

Uncover the latest strategies for all stages of the launch, identify weak spots, and boost your overall results with advanced approaches from 7-figure launches.  Gain valuable insights from the Planning from Debrief Data, a crucial tool for reflecting on past strategies and making informed launch decisions. Discover the types of launches and stay updated with what’s working to ensure you're always on the pulse of the industry trends such as Hybrid Launches, Launches as a System, Launch Runways and understand the critical Advanced Strategy Launch Layers for optimising your launch over time. Finally you’ll delve into Launch Stages training to effectively manage every phase of your launch like pro and to hit the KPIs for each.

ADVANCED launch strategy

Plan like a pro to stop last-minute scrambles and preventing team burnout. Set tangible Launch Goals. Learn the art of Launch Stage Planning for a thorough overview of each project phase, and make smart decisions with accurate Marketing Budgets. Boost profitability and predictability with better KPIs, accurate forecasts and budgets, leading to reduced stress and more successful launches. Create a Launch Metrics & Tracker, providing real-time insights, stay on top of your timelines with detailed Launch Schedules and Calendars. This module is your ticket to stress-free, effective launch planning.

Launch planning

15 key Competencies of the Next Level Launch Manager Program

Master the creation of high-engagement, high-conversion launch events, powered by paid traffic and organic strategies. Learn how to craft compelling offers and implement profit boosters. You’ll learn Creative Strategy and Event Content Strategy to engage your audience effectively. Learn our smart Email Planning and Scheduling strategies. Boost your credibility with compelling Testimonials/Success Stories and enrich your content strategy with a well-planned Video Content Plan. This module equips you with the skills to generate persuasive content, leading to higher conversions and increased profitability.


Immerse yourself in our Offer Strategy module to transform your launch sales. This module guides you on crafting compelling offers utilising our easy-to-use templates, checklists, and copy swipes to help you create persuasive sales pages. Learn how to revamp struggling pre-existing offers, Drive more sales with objection-busting content and harness the power of storytelling and compelling testimonials.

You’ll also learn Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Bonus Strategy to drive conversions. This module equips you with strategies to improve your offer design, and conversions, to boost your launch sales.


The Email Strategy module enables you to implement our proven agency system for email scheduling, reporting, and content creation. You’ll get access to tried and tested frameworks and templates to improve results across all stages of your launch using efficient planning and scheduling strategies. You’ll also learn how to scoop up abandoned sales with our comprehensive Abandoned Cart Strategy training. This module makes it easier to master email marketing in the context of your launch, even if you’re not a copywriting pro.


This module focuses on creating a comprehensive traffic strategy to support successful product launches. The strategy is designed to drive predictable, scalable traffic through a mix of organic and paid approaches, for all kinds of launch types.

Traffic Strategy

The Audience Building module will teach you how grow your launch list strategically. With strategies like media buying, waitlist strategy, lead scoring and marketing personalisation techniques and hit your lead generation goals effectively. Understand different Audience Building Strategies including the nuances of Paid Ads Strategy to boost your reach, utilise Waitlist Strategy to keep potential leads engaged, and the Lead Scoring system to prioritise your efforts. This module equips you to grow and nurture your audience, transforming potential leads into loyal customers.

audience building

The Launch Tech module helps you in selecting the most effective technology and tools for your launch. Learn how to track leads, leverage analytics, and implement systems for better reporting to leaders and team members, promoting accountability throughout the launch runway. Benefit from our tried and tested Tech Stack Recommendations for a seamless, tech-savvy launch process.


The Launch Team Management module is designed to guide you in leading your launch teams, both in-house and contractors. Understand the role of a Launch Manager, learn how to set team expectations, and step into a position of confidence and leadership. Master the dynamics of managing Internal/External team members and learn how to efficiently conduct Planning Calls & Team Huddles whilst tackling launch team challenges with ease.

launch team management

In the Launch Event Delivery module, you'll learn to create dynamic, high-engagement launch events. Enhance community involvement, attendance, and customer experience. Efficiently manage your team during high-pressure launch days and optimise results. Master Facebook Group Strategy and Engagement, use Show Up Rate Boosters to increase attendance, and enhance engagement with Content Consumption Strategy and Engagement Contests. This module equips you to deliver impactful launch events across various styles.

launch event delivery strategy

The Conversion Strategy module teaches you how to skyrocket sales conversions by leveraging buyer behaviour psychology and optimisation strategies. Learn advanced techniques to recover lost sales at each stage of the journey. Master strategies including Cart Conversion, handling Abandoned Carts, creating conversion-boosting Emails, Posts, and Ads. Discover Profit Boosters to help get sales over the finish line. This module positions you to enhance your profitability by optimising conversions.

conversion STRATEGY

The Sales Team Strategy optional module guides you to integrate a sales team into your launch process to enhance profits and recover lost sales. Learn strategies for handling Abandoned Cart Calls and facilitating effective Group Sales Calls. Get insights into setting up a Sales Team effectively and creating a robust Sales Call Strategy. This module equips you with strategies to boost profits and recover sales, ensuring a more successful and profitable launch.


The Post-Launch module focuses on efficiently managing the onboarding of new customers after launch ends. Implement our delivery systems to automate and simplify the onboarding, learn strategies to reduce refunds and improve customer experience. Understand Bonus Delivery, automation of Bonus Tagging, and the Welcome Week process. Gain insights into effective Onboarding Sequences and Delivery Emails, and the importance of a Non-Buyer Survey and how to handle the delivery of bonuses. This module ensures you maintain customer satisfaction and efficiency post-launch to reduce refunds and create superfans.
















The Debrief and Closing Launch module empowers you to optimise future launches by learning from past ones. Acquire both quantitative and qualitative metrics to understand your launch performance in-depth, learn how to gather data, create insights and construct a thorough debrief. Dive into the significance of both Quantitative and Qualitative Debrief Insights. Master the art of presenting your debrief and preparing for the next launch. This module equips you with the know-how to learn, grow, and improve from each launch experience.



discover why this is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE LAUNCH MANAGER PROGRAM IN THE marketplace


We've taken strategies from our very best launches...

You want them to step up to launch manager level or you want a skills refresh for launch success.

You’ve never launched before. But we can still help you!


this is for you if...

Right fit?

You’ve had some launch success and you want to step away from tasks and into managing your launch like a pro.

You want to become a launch manager and either secure a role working as a launch manager or build a launch management business.

this is for your team member if...

When do we start?

You can start onboarding immediately after enrolment - book a call here and we'll get you enrolled and into the program.

You've got questions, we got the answers

How much time do I need to dedicate to this as the leader?

None! This is training for your Launch Manager only (unless that's you!) - but you can have access to the training too.

Can do I book Laura to work with me privately?

Should you wish to book Laura as your Launch Director (the investment is £18,000+ VAT for a launch strategy package) - please reach out at and we will let you know availability.

There are very limited spots available for this.

I haven’t launched before, is it right for me?

If you have a strong desire to become a launch manager then it isn't necessary to have done a launch before as long as you are determined and coachable. We've trained LMs from zero to 7-figure launch standard.

Do I have to certify?

Your will be given the opportunity to obtain the certification at the end of the program, but this is entirely optional. Some entrepreneurs just want to get better at managing their own launches.


talk to a human

I get it. Big leaps bring up questions!

Drop us an email - to book a right-fit call.  The team & I help you find out if our program is right for you. If it's not, we'll be able to advise you on your next steps from here.

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