Discover how to plan & execute your                                  

best launch ever

In just one hour I'm going to show you the top strategies you must use in launches in 2023 to get more leads and more sales with less stress (especially if you don't enjoy launches)

Discover how to plan & execute your   

FREE LAUNCH training

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FREE LAUNCH training


Having built a launch agency working with some of the biggest names in the online world, working on up to 4 launches a month, we've seen some of the biggest shifts we've ever seen in the launch space in the last year alone.

The things we were doing in 2022, no longer work the same, so we're constantly switching up our strategies to create huge launch success.

So if you're still using the same strategies as always and you're not seeing the results you want, then this free masterclass is for you!

I'm going to show you the top strategies that are working for us right now and how you include them in your own launch - even if you hate launches, you're just getting started or you've hit a plateau!

Launches have evolved.

Laura x 

During This Free Training, You’ll Discover:

How to build a highly engaged audience of ready-to-buy customers so you never get crickets again

How to create a highly converting launch and what’s working in the most successful launches right now

How to build rock-solid confidence in your launches (even if till now they've felt hard) so you can scale with more ease.

It’s time to start getting the launch results you dream of

Which masterclass would you like to attend?

Best Practices from 6+ Years of Specialist Launch Marketing

Since 2017, Laura has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the world generating millions in sales through her launch event methodology. 

From multi six figure webinars, to 150k attendee launch events, to seven figure coaching experiences... Laura has been the secret weapon of the launch leaders.

In 2022 Laura launched ACLP - a certified academy to train the next level of launch professionals to complement the work she does leading Love To Launch.



So that we can serve our wider, international community, we are running this masterclass twice. You can join on Tue 15th August at 7pm UK, 2pm ET, 11am PT. Or you can join on Wed 16th August at 10am UK, 5am ET, 7pm Sydney.

What date is the masterclass?

You guessed it - on Zoom! We like to use a platform that almost all our community is familiar with. 

How does the masterclass work?

No worries! We'll be sending out the replay after the 2nd masterclass which you can watch for 48 hours. You won't miss a thing 😍

What if I can't make either session live?

Absolutely not! Our special free masterclass is something that we do a few times a year and it doesn’t cost anything to take part. But free doesn’t mean high value… we put a lot of effort into making this event amazing for our audience.

Does it cost anything to take part?

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