Launch better with
 Let's Launch Together

Launch better with
Let's Launch Together

Launch the fun, easier and values-aligned way following our game-changing
Launch Experience Method


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You’re on the other side of your launch reflecting on the journey – the sales, finding your perfect people, the shift you felt as you stepped into becoming the new version of you. You finally got off the sidelines.

Your customers are excited to work with you… you can’t wait to get to know them better and serve them.

You achieved so much over the past few months… building your audience, crafting the most incredible Launch Experience® for your audience, serving at your highest level and with new levels of confidence and energy.

It feels incredible to have finally found a way of selling that feels good… there was no icky feeling when you shared your offer.

And this time – you didn’t feel burned out and stressed. In fact, you’ve never felt more energised because your launch felt so aligned with you really are.

You feel free. You're finally writing that success chapter you've been waiting for.

Step into this for a moment...

It's your time now...

When it comes to selling your courses, membership offers, programs and packages... launches work well. Really well. As they’re becoming even more popular that naturally means more noise and more competition and we now have to do more to stand out online.

Add to that an ever-increasing overload of information online, social channels, apps and technology… it’s never been harder to capture and maintain attention when our audience are getting pulled in so many different directions!

But it doesn’t mean “harder work” – it just means we have to do things differently. It's why we focus on Launch Experiences™ at Love To Launch®.

Launch Experiences are not only easier to create, more fun to host and high at converting leads to sales - but they're more engaging and demolish many of the challenges we face in marketing right now (competition, waining attention, information overload).

People leave our events saying things like “That was the most incredible online event I’ve ever attended!”.

When you deliver like that on your free content what do you think happens? Yes, the sales follow!

Launches have had to evolve.

Launch Experiences are more engaging (and not to mention more fun!)

We’re taught “Hard work = Success” (school, career, business). As a teenage Mum of 2 who became a single Mum, I built the belief that if I just worked hard then I'd be successful.

As an entrepreneur I quickly hit burnout building my marketing agency and rock-bottom with my health. I'd been hustling too hard for success and vowed to change my life.

Seeing the opportunities in the e-learning space I began turning my knowledge into courses and selling them using launches. To begin with my launches were stressful, chaotic and small – but a few accidental launches taught me a way that worked better and was so fun.

I’ve taught my launch methodology to thousands all over the world, from complete newbies to some of the biggest names in the online world and took launch-fails to wild successes.

I've gone from dreaming of creating impact in the world, to making millions in sales for my clients and helping them to transform their own lives and those around them.

The "hustle" mentality crippled me with health issues...

Launches helped me create joy & ease, and they can for you too.

Laura x

MEET our founder & your COACH LAURA...

From teenage single Mum of 2... a joyful and thriving entrepreneur 

...launches have changed everything.


Let’s Launch Together® is a unique training that takes you through our Launch Experience Method® so you can launch with more ease, more fun and with better results. 






Launches have evolved and our secret sauce is creating powerful Launch Experiences® - highly engaging, live online launch events that convert more leads into sales. You’ll get more signups, more engagement and more sales when you create amazing experiences for your audience.

We teach you how to blend creativity, experience strategy and proven marketing methodology so that you feel excited about what you put out, and you create something that's crafted around your unique personality, values and offer. We don’t do cookie cutter round here - we help you create a bespoke launch plan across all stages of your launch.

Launch success comes from doing the right things at the right time and our program is structured to keep you on track so you never feel lost again. Less time faffing = more time doing.

Every week in the program you’ll know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing as we guide you through with easy-to-follow training and checklists.

When it's time for your own launch, we switch to daily trainings and daily checklists so you can focus on delivering your launch experience and connecting with your launch audience - this is where you maximise your results.

Craft a bespoke launch plan

Week by week, day by day actions



We'll not only help you create a bespoke launch plan but also provide you with all the resources, swipes, tutorials and tech-guides so that all the tactical pieces are done with ease and speed.

You don’t need to start from scratch and figure it out for yourself because we give you our tried and tested materials to use!

Important: We also teach you the strategy behind them so you learn how to flex the marketing muscle. These are skills that you'll utilise in all parts of your business from here, and you'll be able to reuse the assets you create time and time again.

Use our proven templates


You get all the benefits of the program such as video training, a launch plan, resources and swipes - but instead of our live coaching-led experience you'll be going through our self-guided option at your own pace.

This is perfect for self-starters who don't want coaching.

It's a self-guided program

it's not "yet another course"

There's no other program like this one.

We work with launchers at all stages, and our launch plans can be fully completed in 12 weeks, but you can also choose to take the 16 week route and create some extra space.

If you're new to launching and have no audience, you want more focused time on seeking out partnerships for your launch or simply want to enjoy some down time this summer (us too!) then you can choose the 16 week plan.

Launch in 12 or 16 weeks


How Let's Launch Together® Self Study works


Learn and launch at your own pace.

We help you craft a launch that's unique to you, not a cookie cutter version!

Every day you'll know what you're working on

Save £1000's on hiring specialists by using our templates

We'll help you choose the path right for you




Follow a proven roadmap

We've included everything

You’re going to get an easy to follow launch plan with a day by day, week by week plan of what you need to create, when to create it and how to move through the 6 stages of the launch with more ease. We teach you our way of launching – The Launch Experience™ Method - and you’re going to be taken through how to plan, create and host it. Choose between two tracks: 16 weeks (if you want more time to build your audience) or 12 weeks if you already have an audience and you're ready to go!

16 week Launch Plan (or 12 week accelerated)

You’ll get access to a whole library of swipes and templates so you can take tried and tested materials and use them in your launch. Everything from emails, social media posts, advert copy, landing pages and launch event scripts will be provided so you can shortcut your own success. And you’ll be taught the strategy behind them so you become a launch pro.

Launch swipes & templates

We know that it’s the tech that often causes the most challenges for people in their launches so not only will be sharing our top tools with you but we’ll also show you shortcuts on how to use them. We’ve got tutorials covering everything from Facebook ads, to hosting live calls and creating design assets.

Tech Training & Tutorials

We know that different people like to work in different ways so each no-fluff, no-jargon lesson has a variety of assets to make your life even easier. You can download lessons in both written and audio formats for learning on the go, and we also provide slides and workbooks so you can learn at your own pace and deepen your launch knowledge.

Learn your way






We've included some amazing bonuses

launch paid ads plan & training

If you want to use the power of Facebook and Instagram ads to build your list, promote your launch, boost consumption and get more conversions… you’re going to love this extra special bonus. You’ll get a full paid traffic plan with easy to follow training to help you implement it.

You’ll also get all of Laura’s top performing ads from her own launches including the copy, images, headlines and videos.

Value – £697

Valued at £2388 - some free bonuses to help you take your launches to the next level!

masterclass - Promote your launch using Instagram with jasmine star

Jasmine Star, founder of Social Curator (10,000 strong membership) and Instagram Queen (444k followers!) is one of Laura's private clients and has put together this exclusive bonus for LLT students. Jasmine had her best launch ever (and most fun!) under Laura's guidance.

When you join LLT you’ll get Jasmine's exclusive training that was created only for our students to help you use Instagram to organically promote your launch.

Jasmine is going to show you step by step how she uses organic Instagram strategies to promote her own launches and break the content down so you can really understand the strategy behind it.

Value – £497

Mission:Cashflow Training

Need to boost your income before you launch? You’re not alone! Many of our students are in the same boat so we include a special bonus to help you create revenue in advance of your launch.

Full of mindset tips, profit-planning and profit-boosting strategies and lots of promotional ideas – this bonus is designed to help you bring in the moolah in our signature “fun and easy” way.

Value – £497

Affiliate / JV launch masterclass

Laura is nicknamed “Conversion Queen” in the online world because of her reputation for ROCKING launches as an affiliate partner to some of the biggest names in the business world!

In this bonus class you’ll discover how to create new revenue streams in your business by selling other people’s products and how to run affiliate launches for yourself! This includes Laura’s affiliate launch blueprint that has helped me generate a 6-figure income in affiliate marketing. If you’re thinking of bringing in affiliates to your launches this is the bonus you need!

Value – £697

"I used to hate launches before I met Laura. Not only did we have our best launch ever, not only did we feel so pumped and excited delivering the launch, but we were unbelievably amazed at the results. What Laura did was empower me and my team to do this again and again – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Laura for this. I can’t wait to launch again


"  Thanks to Laura's guidance we had our best launch ever"

Within just 12 weeks I followed Laura’s launch plan to sell a course and made $7,000 in sales. I thought only 3 people would sign up, I wasn’t expecting 15! I spent nothing on ads and I didn’t create the product in advance! Laura has given me everything I needed to make that happen. I’m so excited to relaunch my course and running my first in-person workshops this year – people are asking for more and more!…

Working with Laura keeps me sane, and more importantly gives me the guts to just go for it! Laura’s attentiveness is amazing and it doesn’t feel like we are all in different time zones and we all feel so connected.

Yasmine Cheyenne, Self-healing expert, teacher and speaker. Washington DC, USA.


couldn't beliEve THE SPEED OF HER results


Laura helped bring ease to my business and helped me realise a dream. I still need to pinch myself that I've created a 6-figure business with 505 members.

I've been given financial stability for me and my family, and got my time back. I'm also able to make more of an impact on my own community of people.

All I had to do was borrow Laura's belief in me for a little while, and now I have the strategy and confidence to launch over and over again.

Maggie Dmochowski - Adelaide Bakes, Australia.




Before, my launches were disorganised, chaotic and somehow never-ending. In Let's Launch Together®, there were little bite size steps, everything was broken down and lots of support and encouragement made it impossible not to implement – even if it's imperfectly. 

In my last launch, I had over 600 people join and 58 new members. Best of all, my members are getting such fantastic results in the membership! I have learned a way to launch which not only brings in fantastic results for my business, but feels completely in line with my values too. Lifechanging! 

Tash Minchella - Legal membership for coaches, UK.




When I “did the work,” in the way Laura teaches... success followed! My last launch brought in 85 founding members - an idea that Laura and I brainstormed in just 15 minutes. This blew me away and I thank Laura for encouraging me to go for it. Before I struggled to think of myself as an entrepreneur or business person. Now I feel that I can embrace sharing my work and enjoy marketing my offerings. 

Elizabeth Brass - Yoga instructor. Berlin, Germany.


first membership launch brought in 85 members



"I had a 20% conversion rate, superb feedback and participation in my launch."

Laura is the most supportive coach and is so personally invested with all her clients. She goes out of her way to solve your problems and is omni-present most especially at the crunch times of your launch. Her support is invaluable. Sooo excited for my next launch, this is a fabulous program worth every penny.



Our community are incredible

"The first time I launched with Laura’s help, I gained 14 new clients and $15,000."

I was able to attract the clients that were perfect for my program! This program has changed many things about the way I approach my business and my launches. If you’re looking for a personalised, high-level program, Let's Launch Together® will be your best bet! The training is spot on, which is such a huge help, especially when all the fears crop up.


HAS BUILT A SCALAble business

"I've gone from wanting to quit my business to £85k and then £96k in my last two launches!"

I’ve had so much clarity on how to move forward and it's great to be able to take a step back too, and just breathe. I now feel more in control and have a true sense of potential, I get excited about marketing! I love being part of a group of intelligent business owners where I get high-quality advice and feeling part of a community. 




We've got so many stories we can't fit them all on one page 

It's probably        for you if...



It's probably            for you if...

This      for you if

You want to launch your offer into the world.

You're someone who wants to create impact and you do the business the right way (no spam, no sleaze!)

You have an attitude of "test, test, test" and you're willing to try new things.

You have a course, program, membership or some kind of scalable offer or packages. The key is being able to make multiple sales at the same time.

You want to find a way of doing launches that feels aligned with your values and the way you do things.

You want someone to do all the work for you. You need to hire a launch team if you're wanting to DIY.

You sell physical / one-off products. Although we can help you bundle them into other offers, your offer will be scalable and typically not e-commerce.

You're someone who isn't interested in creating a business led with love.

You want to create a launch in the next month. 4 weeks isn't enough to create a proper launch first time round.

You don't have experience and not sure if your offer idea will even work. Test it first before you launch.

You've got questions, we got the answers

Do prices include VAT?

Yes our prices are inclusive of VAT – we’ll send you a VAT invoice breakdown afterwards. If you are an eligible EC business please use our reverse charge checkout page here.

How do I know if a launch is right for my product?

Launches are amazing for most products, especially for offers like courses, programs, events, coaching, membership, masterminds and digital products but sometimes there are products that aren’t a good fit e.g an e-commerce store with physical products available all the time. If you aren’t sure, get in touch and we can chat first.

I don’t have any marketing experience and / or I hate tech – is this right for me?

Many of our students say they “hate launches” before they start working with us (even 7-figure launch leaders!) – but the thing we always focus on is simplicity because if you’re stressed, your launch won’t feel as fun = not a great launch. We’ve turned tech-hating, marketing newbies into launch lovers and we can’t wait to show you just how easy it can be. 

How long do I have access to the Self Study program?

You have lifetime access to the online training and website with all the resources, assets and templates so you can keep going through the program as many times as you want in the future!

Do I need any software or tools to get started?

You can start off with completely free tools and we’ll explain when the best time is to upgrade to ones with better functionality. Most of the tools we recommend are either free or very low-cost – we also test new tools regularly so you are always up to date with the latest strategies.

How much money do I need to invest in my launches?

Many of the early launch styles don’t need any investment because you can use organic traffic. Our approach is to scale your launches over time by investing more profit in line with your growth. Many of the tools we recommend are free or low-cost because we’d rather you invest money in the right places – like building your audience. Investing in ads will give you speed of growth but because we focus on high conversions many students have amazing results without any budget at all.

Will I really be able to launch in 16 weeks?

Yes! Absolutely! Many of our students have actually launched in a lot less time than that, but we have built a 12 week and 16 week launch plan so that it doesn’t overwhelm you. If you’re prepared to put in the work, be brave and stay focused then there is no reason why you can’t successfully launch during the program but sometimes life happens and that’s why we have lifetime access to the online training and materials.

I haven’t launched before, is it right for me?

Abso-freaking-lutely!! Many of our students and best successes started at zero and quickly gone from 4 figures to 5 figures and beyond! You'll learn how to do things the right way and we break everything down into super simple steps so you can follow it with ease. We have students who have launched with less than 8 hours a week so we recommend to dedicate at least that and then clear a week to go all in your launch event itself. If you’re launching, Let’s Launch Together® Self Study will remove a lot of work for you rather than just adding learning time to your plate.

I want to scale my launches, is it right for me?

Yes! Our members are scaling and crushing their launches to 6-figures and beyond. In the more advanced stages of launch strategy we focus on JV / Affiliate launches and the more advanced strategies to help you scale with more ease. If you are wanting to scale fast, the Upgrade to a private consultation is a great for you as Laura can create an advanced strategy on that call.

What is a Launch Experience?

A Launch Experience® is our way of launching. Launches have changed a lot and a really light, fun and highly engaging launch that removes a lot of the moving parts and reduces the stress. It's an easy launch event that you’ll be taught how to deliver and you will LOVE learning how to serve your audience in this way. They are very low-tech so you can focus on what you do best – serving your audience and building relationships!


We get it. Big leaps bring up questions!

Get in touch with one of our team and we'll help you find out if our program is right for you. If it's not, we'll be able to advise you on your next steps from here.

Still on the fence?